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-. +=====Bienvenue===== 
-Redesigning assignments protect much  more engaged than a new carpet or even a cover of painting. It may need a great deal of preparing and analysis to obtain your home  to look the method that you have generally ​ imagined ​[[http://​www.puretalkradioonline.com/​blogs/​entry/​Tips-about-how-to-Cook-Like-A-Professional-Chef|appliances stores]] . The rules below will help you increase your expertise in home based  improvement capabilities. You must  save lots of money and produce ​ the house you have usually wanted.Vacuum the insides of your own units  just before cleaning themThis eliminates any loose debris or airborne dirt and dust that may be  inside. Use a soap to clean the shelvingBegin in the top of the drawer and  proceed downwardGet the opportunity also replace liners to make any shelves that happen to be loose.<​br ​/><​br ​/>Are you currently planning for a tiny redecorating undertakingAcquire tidy  support frames that match together with your present decoration.Work with a exclusive container for a gourmet coffee ​ tables instead of traditional ​ store bought desks. You might even  put in a tablecloth and dainty herbal tea cups to create a a lot more land seem.<br /><br />A good redecorating hint is to take local scenarios ​ into account when making a reconstruction. For instance, if you are living in which you do not get a great deal of  comfortable days, you might like to avoid a outdoor patio.A single good purchase is concluding your basement. Concluded ​ basements put sq footage for higher house  principles and higher enjoyment. You can find the essential components ​ you need from discounts' ​merchants. ​ Doing your home's basements can improve your home's reselling benefit by around 30Percent.<​br /><br />Center on your entryway or deck when you are contemplating renovations. This area will be the first space that your house. This work improves your home while also upping your home'​s ​ worth.When engaging in exterior renovations,​ try and consider if your property will stand out in a awful way where you live. Do you really wish to set on your own up as the property which will  probably be so different?<br /><br />Be skeptical of getting a  professional after a normal catastrophe. There are many individuals who will leach from emergency circumstances. Ensure you do your homework ahead of  hiring in order that this doesn' afflict you.Make sure that trees and shrubs are not put as well near to your home.You could transplant any bushes or bushes that may be small.<​br /><br />Try this strategy if you have  tough drinking water. There are many different ​ sorts of drinking water softeners.Get the one which great for your kind of normal water  along with your property.You may make a tiny niche or alcove truly put by utilizing distinct feature ​ colors or wallpapers in all those places.<​br /><br />Does your flooring appearance rather outdated? You can lay down some sticky hardwood flooring ​ following yanking the outdated floors. Some may see this for an  unsightly option, nevertheless it appears very good. It's straightforward to mount, ​ so the vast majority of individuals are able to make it a Do it yourself task.<br /><br />​Exchanging your surface can turn into an  incredibly pricey task. One way to undertake it that may be reasonably ​ priced is to eradicate the flooring surfaces that's into position and spot inside an desirable ​ colour to the concrete base. This manufacturing-influenced seem is the two  adaptable and modern day and will allow for any fashion ​[[http://​bgm.me/​r/​3735734|appliances]] .A terrific way of  incorporating value and protection towards the  property is with the help of lightweight aluminum shutters and curler shutters.<​br /><br />​Don'​t interact with a professional that thinks they can get a lot of funds  of your stuff advance. You ought to  pay only about $2,500 as a payment in advance to ensure the professional shows up, and roughly 10 percent of the total budget following the first day of labor. Will not shell out a lot more than this.<br /><br />Any and everybody will love focusing on home remodeling work. While  you are new, give yourself a chance to learn the required abilities. You can make oneself very proud and do things around your house that you simply didn' feel possible.+Bienvenue sur le Wiki officiel du jeu [[http://​www.projetgenesis.com|Projet Génésis]] 
 +  * Ce Wiki est destiné à toutes les personnes désirant partager leurs connaissances et à toutes celles désirant apprendre, basé sur [[wiki:​dokuwiki|DokuWiki]] 
 +  * Pour une question de sécurité, même si vous avez un compte sur Projet Génésis, vous devez vous enregistrer également ici pour participerIl est conseillé de ne pas utiliser le même mot de passe que sur le jeu. 
 +  * Vous pouvez consulter la page d'aide à la [[wiki:​creation_nouvelle_page|création de nouvelle page]]. 
 +  * Si vous n'avez jamais travaillé sur un Wiki, ne vous improvisez pas rédacteur et entrainez vous dans le [[playground:​playground|Bac à sable]], il est là pour ça. 
 +**MaJ 04/01/2019 : Le wiki est actuellement en cours d'​actualisationPour toute remarque, idée, ou si vous repérez une erreur, merci de vous référer à [[https://forum.projetgenesis.com/​viewtopic.php?pid=124893|ce topic]].** 
 +=====Vos premiers pas sur Projet Génésis===== 
 +Si vous venez juste de découvrir Projet Génésis, cette section vous permettra de d'​acquérir de bonnes bases. 
 +===== Sommaire ===== 
 +==== Général ==== 
 +  * [[general:​projetgenesis|Qu'​est-ce que Projet Génésis ?]] 
 +  * [[general:​partenaire|Devenir ou voir la liste des partenaires]] 
 +  * [[general:​regle_et_condition_general|Règles et conditions générales]] 
 +  * [[general:​inscription|Inscription]] 
 +  * [[general:​qui_gere_projetgenesis|Qui gère Projet Génésis ?]] 
 +  * [[general:​pourquoi_faire_un_don|Pourquoi faire un don ?]] 
 +  * [[general:​temoignages|Témoignages]] 
 +==== Portail ==== 
 +  * [[portail:​le_portail|Qu'est-ce que le portail ?]] 
 +  * [[portail:​connection|Se connecter]] 
 +  * [[portail:​gestion_profil|Gestion du profil]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​parametre_personnel|Les paramètres personnels]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​rapport|Les rapports]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​univers|Gestion des univers]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​personnage|Personnaliser mon personnage]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​compte_donnateur|Le compte donateur]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​partage_ip|Les partages d'ip]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​sitting|Le sitting]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​mode_vacances|Le mode vacance]] 
 +  * [[portail:​profil:​don_compte|Don et échange de compte]] 
 +==== Univers ==== 
 +  * [[univers:​debuter|Comment bien débuter ​?]] 
 +  * [[univers:​strategie|Les différentes stratégies]] 
 +  * [[univers:​vue_ensemble|La vue d'ensemble]] 
 +  * [[univers:​planete|Gestion des planètes et colonisation]] 
 +  * [[univers:​alliance|Les alliances]] 
 +  * [[univers:​batiment|Les bâtiments]] 
 +  * [[univers:​chantier_spatial|Le chantier spatial]] 
 +  * [[univers:​defense|Les défenses]] 
 +  * [[univers:​laboratoire|Le laboratoire]] 
 +  * [[univers:​recherche|Les recherches]] 
 +  * [[univers:​ressources|Les ressources]] 
 +  * [[univers:​flotte|Les flottes]] 
 +  * [[univers:​commerce|Le commerce]] 
 +  * [[univers:​galaxie|La galaxie]] 
 +  [[univers:messagerie|La messagerie]] 
 +  * [[univers:​rapport|Les rapports]] 
 +  * [[univers:​score|Le classement]] 
 +  * [[univers:​moteur_recherche|Le moteur de recherche]] 
 +  * [[univers:​simulateur|Le simulateur]] 
 +  * [[univers:​pseudo|Le pseudo]] 
 +==== IRC ==== 
 +  * [[irc:​quesque_irc|Qu'est ce que l'IRC ?]] 
 +  * [[irc:​commande_base|Les commandes de bases]] 
 +==== Forum ==== 
 +  * [[forum:​utilite_forum|Pourquoi utiliser le forum officiel ?]] 
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